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Hey! I'm Ollie, a Leeds based wedding photographer offering a relaxed documentary style of wedding photography, with a touch of chic. I like to think of myself as less of your formal photographer for the day, and more of your honorary best-man who's there to document all the exciting things to happen! :)

What's documentary style you ask? It's an unintrusive way to capture your special day, exactly as you remember it - the important moments, the little details, the tears & laughter. All shot and edited in a timeless manner for you to look back on forever. If you'd like to learn a bit more about my wedding approach, have a nosy at my Investment & Info page.

Yorkshire Engagement Shoot
Yorkshire Engagement Shoot

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If you're keen to have a nosy at some complete galleries, feel free to get in touch directly via my contact page for access to some of my complete 1000+ image galleries, or have a little mooch over to my blog section where I showcase my recent wedding highlights.